Addressing resistance to change

Leading and innovating schools is a demanding challenge. The Iguana project addresses resistance to change and helps school leaders managing change. The following project also offer invaluable information and courses.

The Quality For Innovation Project (Q4I) focuses on managing and increasing the quality of education while innovating educational practices. The consortium has researched existing school innovation programs and models and has developed a quality management model. The Q4I site is accessible here.

The LLWings project. The LLWings project focuses on Lifelong learning. This consortium has developed an online learning system that enables school leaders and teachers to acquire knowledge about the learning to learn competence and making education an enjoyable activity. The LLWings website is accessible here.

The Entreprenasium: The Dutch initiative Entreprenasium offers schools courses and consulting to encourage and develop entrepreneurial skills among students aged 12 and up. The site offers relevant content.

The Technasium: Technasium offers content and consultancy to embed technical content and courses in advanced general education for students aged 12 and up. More information can be found at