The Iguana project aims to support schools that want to innovate.

It can help schools who want to innovate but face barriers to change.

It can help schools to improve their existing change programmes and develop new programmes.

To meet these objectives, we have developed the IGUANA LEARNING PROGRAMME (ILP).

This helps schools establish their own open and creative environment in which students, staff and management feel safe and secure to share their ideas, learn from each other and grow. The ILP is delivered through a collaborative learning platform to help teachers, managers, governors and students built the capacity and competences to innovate. The platform includes tools and learning material that helps schools and their members to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Organisational Intelligence (OI) competences.


The programme includes two self-assessment tools, one for EI and one for OI. These help schools – both individually and collectively – to review their EI and OI competences, identify areas where they are strong, and areas that could be improved.

The second element of the ILP is the IGUANA Learning Content Repository,  which provides introductory learning content for the IGUANA ‘Discovery’ programme. The Discovery Programme is aimed at schools and their members with little or no experience or competences in EI and OI. It contains learning material that is matched to the EI and OI competences covered in the self-assessment tools, making it easy for schools and individuals to package their learning according to their assessment results.  The learning modules in the Repository are supported by Assignments, in the IGUANA Open Learning Space, to help schools apply the learning gained from Repository to their own local practice.

The third element of the programme is the IGUANA Open Learning Space.. This provides more advanced ‘Practical’ and ‘Technical’ learning content to help schools and their members further develop and apply their EI and OI competences. It also provides a space for schools and their members to share their own learning content with other schools. Finally, the IGUANA Open Learning Space provides a Forum for IGUANA members to share ideas, experiences and comments on the project, as well as a Peer Review space for schools to see how other schools are doing.

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