Click one of the buttons above to take either the individual or the organisational self-assessment.

The IGUANA learning programme is designed to help schools to innovate. It does this by providing learning content and learning tools that identify obstacles to change and which support ways of reducing or removing these obstacles.

We have developed two self-assessment tools that provide an entry-point to the learning programme. They are intended to:

  • help IGUANA users familiarise themselves with the three core content areas the programme covers (emotional intelligence; leadership and governance; evaluation),
  • help IGUANA users to highlight key gaps in their knowledge and expertise in these core areas,
  • guide IGUANA users to relevant content sections of the IGUANA learning programme that could help them to fill these knowledge gaps.

The self-assessment tools work at two levels:

  • the individual level – this provides an assessment of an individual’s emotional intelligence.
  • the organisational level – this provides an assessment of organisational ‘stuckness’ and innovation capacity.